Aare Gorge Walk, Meiringen

Aare Gorge Walk, Meiringen

The Aare Gorge, a short walk from Meiringen, weaves through limestone cliffs, which are almost 200 metres deep. A platform footpath runs just above the roaring river, between the West and East entrances of the gorge.

Start and End Location: Car Park at Input Aareschlucht West, a 20 minute walk from Meiringen
Time: Gorge Walk is 40 minutes; 2 hours total time, including the journey back to Meiringen
Facilities: Toilets, shops and a café at the entrance
Grade: Easy
Notes: There is a small entrance fee. Details can be found here
Dogs must be kept on leads throughout the walk

After paying the admission fee, the path weaves through a series of caves to reach the start of the gorge. The metre-wide wooden platform follows the edge of the river and occasionally passes through caves.

Aare Gorge Walk Meiringen Swiss Alps
Aare Gorge Walk Meiringen Swiss Alps
Aare Gorge Walk Meiringen Swiss Alps

As the gorge widens, the platform pathway climbs up to the exit. From here you can either retrace your steps back to Meiringen or take the train.

To take the train, exit the gorge, turn left and then bear right to follow the road downhill. Turn left at the footpath. Go down the steps and cross the bridge. Follow the footpath around to the left. Straight ahead you’ll see a metal door with two buttons on the wall. Push the button for Meiringen. The train may take up to 20 minutes to arrive.

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