Zermatt Five Lakes Walk

Zermatt Five Lakes Walk

A well marked, gravel trail loops around glacier lakes with magnificent views of the Matterhorn and Monte Rosa. If the weather is cooperative, the Matterhorn summit is reflected in many of the lakes, making this one of the most popular and most photographed part of the Swiss Alps.

Start Location: Blauherd, reached by train and cable car from Zermatt
End Location: Sunnegga, reached by train from Zermatt
Distance: 10km
Time: 3 hours walking time; approx. 20 minutes travel time
Facilities: Toilets and restaurants at start and end locations
GPX Download: Link below map
Grade: Easy Mountain Walk with a few steep ascents.

Download file: Zermatt5Lakes.gpx

The hike begins at Blauherd, 2571m above Zermatt. The best way to reach Blauherd is via a short train ride and cable car from Zermatt.

From the centre of Zermatt, head to Valley Station/ Zermatt ZBAG-zsb, which is on the east side of the river. From the station take the train, which runs through a rock tunnel deep inside the mountain, to Sunnegga.

At Sunnegga, take the cable car to Blauherd. If you have a dog with you, dogs are allowed on the train and cable car…

As soon as you leave Blauherd station, the Matterhorn dominates the skyline and the 5 Lake Trail is well signposted.

Head in a south-east direction towards Stellisee, the first lake. After approximately half a mile, leave the main gravel track and take the left hand path to the edge of Stellisee. There is a path which circles the entire lake and then returns to the main gravel track. Some of the best views of the Matterhorn are found at the far east shore of the lake.

Zermatt Five 5 Lakes Walk

Return to the main track and continue downhill. A few hundred metres after the track bears right, take the right hand path to Grindjesee, the second lake. Grindjesse, surrounded by fur trees and rich moorland, is the most stunning of the lakes, especially if the weather is clear and the Matterhorn can be seen in the distance.

Zermatt Five 5 Lakes Walk
Zermatt Five 5 Lakes Walk

From Grindjesee, return to the main track and continue downhill for about a mile to reach Gruense Lake.

From Gruense, take the path on the north side of the lake and continue until you see a path on the right. Take this right hand path and zigzag downhill to reach Mosjesee, which is actually a reservoir rather than a lake.

To reach the final lake, Leisee, there are two paths from Mosjesee. The first is fairly steep: from the north-west side of Mosjesee, take right hand footpath and climb until you reach the base of Leisee, taking time to look back at the mountain views.

Alternatively, for a longer but more gentle ascent, ignore the footpath on the right and continue on the main track to Leisee.

Zermatt Five 5 Lakes Walk
Zermatt Five 5 Lakes Walk

If the weather is warm, you’re likely to see people swimming in Leisee and sunbathing on the shores.

From Leisee, Sunnegga station is uphill and to the right. Take the mountain train from Sunnegga back to Zermatt.

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