Meiringen to Grindelwald

Meiringen to Grindelwald

Part of the Via Alpina, this linear route begins by climbing through picturesque alpine villages to reach the famous Reichenbach Falls. Heading into the Bernese Oberland, one of the most well-known regions in the Swiss Alps, the views are breathtaking, with the Wetterhorn and Eiger dominating the skyline.

Start Location: Meiringen
End Location: Grindelwald
Distance: 23km
Time: 8 hours
Facilities: Toilets, cafes and restaurants at various locations along the route
GPX Download: Link below map
Grade: Medium Mountain Walk with a few steep ascents.

Download file: Meiringen-Grindelwald.gpx

From Meiringen town centre, follow the main road south to cross the river. Continue uphill towards Willigen village.

Take the path to the right of Hotel Tourist. The path leads between several houses and barns before turning into a grassy track. The track continues steeply, cutting across roads several times.

After joining the road for a short distance, the footpath bears off into the woods.

The wide path continues through the woods before reaching the Reichenbach Falls, of Sherlock Holmes' fame. This spectacular viewpoint is generally away from the crowds visiting the waterfall as the train station is on the opposite bank.

Meiringen to Grindelwald via Grosse Scheidegg

Follow the path around the edge of the waterfall and through the woods. At the T-junction, turn right and continue uphill to reach another road. Follow the road for 20-30 metres before taking the footpath on the left into the woods. The path emerges from the woodland, giving the first glimpse of the snowy summits ahead, and joins the road for a short distance before passing Berggasthof Kaltenbrunnen restaurant and accommodation on the right.

Meiringen to Grindelwald via Grosse Scheidegg

From Berggasthof Kaltenbrunnen, continue along the road. After crossing the bridge, ignore the first footpath on the right and continue uphill. As the road bends to the left, take the footpath on the right into the woods.

Soon the path widens and follows the side of a river, with breathtaking views of the peaks ahead.

Meiringen to Grindelwald via Grosse Scheidegg
Meiringen to Grindelwald via Grosse Scheidegg

The clearly signposted route joins the road to reach Hotel Rosenlaui.

Continue on the road to cross the bridge and then turn right at the Wanderweg signpost. The path bears left and then right, weaving through the woodland and crossing streams. The woods clear at the base of the valley, allowing wonderful views up to the mountains.

Meiringen to Grindelwald via Grosse Scheidegg

Cross the wooden bridge and continue for a few hundred metres before forking right and heading upwards towards the road.

Often marked by painted boulders, the well defined path continues uphill, crossing the road several times to reach Grosse Scheidegg. At just over 1950m, Grosse Scheideg boasts wonderful views of the Wetterhorn, Eiger and jagged Engelhörner.

Meiringen to Grindelwald via Grosse Scheidegg
Meiringen to Grindelwald via Grosse Scheidegg

From Grosse Scheideg, the route down to Grindelwald begins just below the hotel. From the edge of the road, cross the grass island, cross the road again and take the footpath downhill. The path is well marked and continues through open fields before meeting the road again.

Meiringen to Grindelwald via Grosse Scheidegg

The path zigzags down, crossing the road several more times until Hotel Wetterhorn eventually comes into view.

Following the signposts, cross the hotel car park and take the footpath into the woods. The path eventually passes a bench on the right and crosses open meadows to meet the road. Continue following the road west/south-west to Grindelwald centre.

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